Burton Family Tree Moon Buggy

Wider, longer, surfier, heck, we might as well just say funner in all conditions. Float in a surf-like state over interstellar landscapes on this playfully plus-sized rig. The Moon Buggy takes a big-kahuna long board approach to playful pow riding. The spaceship vibes stem from swallow-inspired 3-D construction in the tail, which complements the big nose for effortless float no matter how deep the swell gets.

Board Size158168
Weight Range 150-200 lbs. / 68-91 kg 180-260 lbs.+ / 82-118 kg+
Waist Width 262mm 272mm
Stance Location -25 -25
Binding Sizes L L
Running Length 1070mm 1170mm
Sidecut Radius 8.0m 8.8m
Sidecut Depth 17.8mm 19.5mm
Stance Width 560mm 560mm
Nose Width 302.7mm 316.0mm
Tail Width 292.7mm 306.0mm
Effective Edge 1135mm 1235mm

Available in the following sizes:

Burton Family Tree Moon Buggy - 158