Endeavor Archetype

As their E-Tech IV powder board the Archetype has been designed to dominate in the steep and deep.

After years of R&D in their Archetype Lab we finally settled on the perfect shape. The kicked swallow tail cuts through powder like a fork through ice cream yet has the stability to pop a natural feature and land with confidence.

30mm of taper into the tail gives epic maneuverability making the Archetype nimble through the trees even in bigger sizes whilst the wider nose won't sink when you reach an open powder field. A setback stance combined with radial sidecuts also allows you to dig trenches on hardpack and keep up with the best of them.

Their blended Poplar and Paulownia wood core is more responsive than their traditional wood core to increase performance without adding weight. Carbon V's are also added to the tail to increase stability and prevent you from washing out so whether you're laying down a turn on hardpack or stomping a cliff drop it will be there for you. Seamless Sidewalls also get upgraded to version 2 which utilizes a better manufacturing method that produces less waste while keeping the incredible vibration and impact absorbing properties of their infused urethane design. This is all finished off with The Channel mounting system for infinite stance adjustment.


Effective Edge (mm) 1140 1170 1200
Nose Width (mm) 309.5 315 319
Waist Width (mm) 257 260 263
Tail Width (mm) 283 285.9 288.9
Sidecut Radius (mm) 8200 8500 8800
Tail Taper (mm) 26.5 29 30.1
Camber (mm) 5 5 5
Stance Width (Inch) 22 22 23
Setback (mm) -30 -30 -30
Flex 6/10 6/10 6/10


Hover Camber is featured exclusively on our Powder Quiver range. It combines traditional camber behind the front foot to the tail with an elongated early rise out to the nose. This raises the nose out of soft snow and allows the tail to sink in so you can surf effortlessly through the soft stuff.

          Hover Camber Profile


Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor Archetype - 154