Airblaster Cobra Dogs Goggles

The most comfortable and fog-free goggle with an extra-wide field of vision and a flexible frame. Moisture Impermeable Lens Function (MILF) technology and a PTFE membrane on the inner lens allows the air between the two lenses to breathe without pulling moisture in. As such, no perma-fog occurs. Some additional comfort has been added thanks to the flexible frame and soft and durable foam.

Key features include:

  • 99 % UV protection
  • Soft Foam
  • M.I.L.F technology (Moisture Impermeable Lens Function)
  • Wide screen vision
  • Anti-Fog coating
  • Strap clip
  • Helmet compatible
  • Baker lens
  • Red mirrored lens for changing weather conditions, from partly cloudy to snowfall
    Airblaster Cobra Dogs Goggles