Endeavor KTV

Attack giant jumps, lengthy street rails, or take it to the back country for some pow laps.

Made with E-Tech IV Construction, this Flat-Camber-to-Raised-Contacts is the board of choice. Fast Sintered Base, super Light-Weight Poplar/Paulonia wood core, Carbon for pop, and Kevlar for strength, and of course Seamless Sidewall Technology for the smoothest ride,  the KTV will have you singing your way down the mountain.

Board Size 147 150 152 154 155w 156 157w 158
Contact Length 1082mm 1110mm 1130mm 1148mm 1153mm 1163mm 1181mm 1184mm
Effective Edge 1089mm 1118mm 1136mm 1164mm 1158mm 1174mm 1196mm 1193mm
Sidecut Radius 7.75m 7.85m 7.95m 8.0m 8.0m 8.05m 8.05m 8.10m
Waist Width 249mm 252mm 254mm 255mm 261mm 256mm 262mm 257mm
Camber 0mm 0mm 0mm 0mm 0mm  0mm 0mm 0mm
Suggested Weight 45-68kg 50-72kg 54-77kg 65-85kg 77-100kg 68-90kg 81-104kg 72-95kg

Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor KTV  - 147