Endeavor Guerilla

A damn good quiver of boards in one, the Guerrilla.

The All Terrain Camber-with-Raised-Contacts (camber between the bindings, reverse camber out to the contact points) gives you the best of both worlds. Energy and pop but loose and fun.

Using E-Tech Construction, the Guerilla is the perfect board for the rider who wants the ultimate freestyle board at a price that won’t kill the bank, still featuring our award winning Seamless Sidewall Technology and a full Poplar wood core.

Board Size 148 151 153 155 157w 158 159w 161
Contact Length 1105mm 1126mm 1137mm 1147mm 1155mm 1161mm 1167mm 1183mm
Effective Edge 1120mm 1148mm 1177mm 1184mm 1189mm 1209mm 1205mm 1241mm
Sidecut Radius 7.2m 7.3m 7.4m 7.5m 7.6m 7.7m 7.8m 7.8m
Waist Width 243mm 245mm 247mm 249mm 260mm 251mm 262mm 252mm
Camber 5.0mm 5.0mm 5.0mm 5.0mm 5.0mm 5.0mm 5.0mm 5.0mm
Suggested Weight 45-68kg 50-72kg 54-77kg 65-85kg 77-100kg 68-90kg 81-104kg 72-95kg



Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor Guerilla - 148