Burton Barracuda

A board that can't be contained by terrain or conditions, the highly versatile Burton Barracuda harnesses freeride-focused Directional Flying V™ and a slight taper to bring Fish-like float to the entire mountain. Not as pow-specific as the Fish or as freestyle-focused as the Trick Pony, this ATV pushes the boundaries of freeride into an entirely different realm of straight shots and pillow lines. With all-wheel drive Frostbite Edges, the snap and stability of Squeezebox core profiling, and a snappier feel thanks to the Carbon I-Beam™ upgrade, this top predator is the one to reach for in variable or unknown terrain.


The Barracuda has an Directional Flying V profile. A blend of rocker and camber in the nose combines float and control while camber under the back foot drives with power and stability. This is a directionally shaped board with directional flex which means that the nose is softer than the tail and the shape is different from one end to the other. The Barracuda has a medium stiffness which means more responsiveness and control than softer boards but easier to bend and not as unforgiving as stiffer ones.

Available in the following sizes:

Burton Barracuda - 153