Burton Process

Re-evolved to shed ounces and amplify pop, Mark McMorris picks the Burton Process snowboard for its twin freestyle playfulness and all-terrain prowess. The FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ core creates a lighter, lift-off-ready deck, while Squeezebox core profiling transfers energy towards the tip and tail for snappier ollies and effortless stability. Available in two versions, choose the relaxed and floaty Flying V™ or precise control of camber, both updated to feature a more blunted out tip and tail shape. Softer than the Custom, the Process snowboard is suited to the freestyle rider, but still capable of all-mountain action as evidenced by the pros who push it.


Camber offers a snappy suspension, distributes weight evenly over the entire length of the board for smooth, continuous edge control from tip to tail. This is a twin shaped board with twin flex meaning the board bends the same way at the nose and tail and is the same shape at both ends. The Process has a medium/soft stiffness that means it is forgiving and flexible but doesn’t sacrifice all its responsiveness and control.

Available in the following sizes:

Burton Process - 152