Endeavor High5

Flat Kick nose and tail for versatility in deeper snow and increased press-ability on boxes and rails. Carbon stringers and triaxial glass equip the High-5 for aggressive park domination. A no nonsense park board for advanced riders.

Twin Shape

Premium Twin Tip Freestyle With Skate Style Flat Kicks

Carbon Stringers

Carbon is used to enhance the response and reduce the overall weight. The carbon helps with memory and "POP"

Wood Core With Stitched ABS Sidewalls

Exclusive to Endeavor’s factory, the ABS sidewall is sewn on to the full Poplar wood core. The split sidewall construction is a signature aesthetic feature to Endeavor.


Time, tested and true performance, these boards come with convex rise from its contact points. A rider’s edge hold and pop derive from the pressure exerted and expelled when camber is flexed under a rider’s weight

Sintered base

The fastest base wtih high wax absorption and clear sublimated graphics.

Other features

  • Skateboard Style Flat Kick Nose and Tail
  • Medium Flex Rating = 5 (1 is soft/ 10 is stiff)
  • Extremely fast Sintered 7500 base factory waxed
  • Aggressive sidecut for quick turns
  • 10 Tip-To-Tail Carbon Stringers for “POP”
  • Stance centered on contact points
  • 26″ maximum stance width
  • Poplar Tip-To-Tail Wood Core


Size (cm)151153155157159
Contact length (cm) 113 115 116.5 118.5 120
Effective edge (cm) 117 119 120.5 122.5 124
Nose length (cm) 19 19 19.25 19.25 19.25
Tail length (cm) 19 19 19.25 19.25 19.25

Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor High5  - 151