Endeavor Clout

This board is a Bomber. It dominates the whole mountain with it’s E-Tech IV Construction. It rides fast because of the Sintered base, smooth because of the Seamless Sidewall Technology, jumps high with the Carbon beams, and is super strong from the Kevlar reinforcement. The All Terrain Freestyle 3D Camber is the key ingredient though. Raised contacts, shovel nose and tail shapes, and unlike the other boards with this profile a touch of camber make this board a weapon.

The Clout has a 3D camber profile that is slightly cambered in the middle of the board but the edges are bent up just before the tip and tail at the contact points to give it as looser feel with more pop.  This is a twin shaped board with twin flex meaning the board bends the same way at the nose and tail and is the same shape at both ends. The Clout has a high stiffness that means the board is very responsive and dampens vibrations.

Board Size 153 156 159 162
Effective Edge 111.4cm 113.2cm 116.2cm 118cm
Tip Length 19.2cm 19.6cm 20.1cm 20.5cm
Tail Length 19.2cm 19.6cm 20.1cm 20.5cm
Waist Width 251mm 253mm 256mm 258mm
Sidecut Radius 6.8m 6.9m 7m 7.3m
Tip Height 43mm 43mm 45mm 47mm
Tail Height 43mm 43mm 45mm 47mm
Camber 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm
Stance Range 20.75"-25.50" 20.75"-25.50" 20.75"-25.50" 20.75"-25.50"
Stance Setback 0mm 0mm 0mm 0mm

Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor Clout - 153