Signal Disruptor Flat

The Distruptors are the newly designed Camber and Flat technology boards in the line. They have matte silkscreened top sheets with knife cut, rotating black and white bases. The Disruptors also have ABS sidewall, Durasurf tip and tail fill, a Poplar Freedom Core — bolstered underneath each binding to provide more strength where you need it most, triaxial glass on the bottom / triaxial glass on the top, Radial sidecut that meets in the center of the board and a Blunt nose and tail shape.

This board has a camber profile that offers a snappy suspension, distributes weight evenly over the entire length of the board for smooth, continuous edge control from tip to tail. This is a twin shaped board with twin flex meaning the board bends the same way at the nose and tail and is the same shape at both ends. The Disruptor has a medium/soft stiffness that means it is forgiving and flexible but doesn’t sacrifice all its responsiveness and control.

BOARD SIZE 150 152 154 156 158
EFFECTIVE EDGE 114cm 115.5cm 117cm 118cm 120cm
SIDECUT RADIUS 7.6m 7.7m 7.8m 7.9m 8.0m
TIP & TAIL LENGTH 180mm 180mm 185mm 185mm 190mm
WAIST WIDTH 245mm 250mm 250mm 255mm 260mm
NOSE WIDTH 290mm 290mm 295mm 300mm 300mm
TAIL WIDTH 290mm 290mm 295mm 300mm 300mm
STANCE WIDTH 51-63cm 51-63cm 51-63cm 53-65cm 54-66cm

Available in the following sizes:

Signal Disruptor Flat - 150