Signal Wavelength

Its ride anything character makes it the perfect choice for all levels of rider no matter what or where they want to ride. Built around a twin shape Signal stiffen up the tail and setback the stance slightly to create a well balanced board that is playful but still rips. The Wavelength profile delivers great on edge response with a slightly looser and more rider friendly feel. Internally it utilises the mid flex poplar core which creates a lively and responsive ride without being overly aggressive. Add structural layers formed from a combination of Bi-Ax glass on the bottom and Tri-Ax on the top and you know you have a board that delivers the perfect blend of performance and rider friendly versatility. 

The Wavelength has a hybrid profile that has camber between the feet and rocker in the tip and tail giving you the grip of a camber board and the float of a rocker board. This is a twin shaped board with directional flex, which means that the nose is softer than the tail and is the same shape at both ends. The Wavelength has a medium stiffness which means more responsiveness and control than softer boards but easier to bend and not as unforgiving as stiffer ones.

BOARD SIZE 153 156 159 162
EFFECTIVE EDGE 117cm 120cm 122cm 124cm
SIDECUT RADIUS 7.5m 7.7m 7.85m 8.0m
TIP & TAIL LENGTH 18/17cm 19.18cm 19/18cm 20/19cm
WAIST WIDTH 240mm 250mm 250mm 260mm
NOSE WIDTH 290mm 290mm 300mm 300mm
TAIL WIDTH 290mm 290mm 300mm 300mm
STANCE WIDTH 53-65cm 54-66cm 55-67cm 56-68cm

Available in the following sizes:

Signal Wavelength - 153