Burton Barracuda

Speed and float in an all-terrain vehicle for the front, side, and backcountry. Not as pow-specific as the Fish or as freestyle-focused as the Trick Pony, this ATV pushes the boundaries of freeride into an entirely different realm of straight shots and pillow lines. With all-wheel drive Frostbite Edges, the snap and stability of Squeezebox core profiling, and fully directional crud-busting power, this top predator is the one to reach for in variable or unknown terrain.

The Barracuda has an S-Rocker profile. A rocker shape at the nose curves into a cambered tail, creating an ‘S’ shape. This design causes lift in the nose, improving float while maintaining speed through deep pow turns and variable conditions. This is a directionally shaped board with directional flex which means that the nose is softer than the tail and the shape is different from one end to the other. The Barracuda has a medium stiffness which means more responsiveness and control than softer boards but easier to bend and not as unforgiving as stiffer ones.


BOARD SIZE  153cm  157cm  161cm  165cm  169cm
RUNNING LENGTH  1115mm  1145mm  1185mm  1225mm  1265mm
WAIST WIDTH  248mm  252mm  255mm  257mm  259mm
SIDECUT DEPTH  20.5mm  21.0mm  21.8mm  22.5mm  23.2mm
SIDECUT RADIUS  7.6m  7.8m  8.1m  8.4m  8.6m
STANCE WIDTH  530mm  530mm  560mm  560mm  560mm
NOSE WIDTH  296.4mm  301.5mm  306.0mm  309.5mm  312.9mm
TAIL WIDTH  281.4mm  286.5mm  291.0mm  294.5mm  297.9mm
EFFECTIVE EDGE  1165mm  1195mm  1235mm  1275mm  1315mm
STANCE LOCATION -50mm -50mm -50mm -50mm -50mm
WEIGHT RANGE  135-175 lbs. / 61-79 kg.  145-185 lbs. / 66-84 kg.  165-205 lbs. / 75-93 kg.  170-210 lbs.+ / 77-95 kg.+  175-215 lbs.+ / 79-98 kg.+

Available in the following sizes:

Burton Barracuda - 153