Signal Park

Signal Park - Available in Flat or Camber

Fun is the name of the game with this board. Jumping, sliding, pressing and grabbing freestyle fun.

Playground Series

The name says it all! From jibbing the monkey bars to airing off the slide, the PLAYGROUND SERIES is comprised of boards that are made for making the most of the park. The PLAYGROUND offers an assortment of camber options and flexes that are sure to dial-in every big and little kid that just wants to have fun!


This measurement is taken when your board is on a flat surface. The space between the surface and the mid point of the bow of your board is the camber. The taller the camber, the harder it presses on your sidecut. The camber also assists you in springing off of one edge and moving to the other. Your board’s camber should be proportionate to its sidecut and your weight.


Choosing Flat Technology – or no camber – is an excellent choice for park riding. The lack of camber in your board allows you to engage the entire edge. Flat boards also give the rider better leverage for many tricks because you’re never working against the board.

Technical Stuff

ABS sidewalls, Durasurf tip and tail fill, Park Profile Poplar wood core, Triax glass fibres throughout, radial sidecut that meets at the centre of the board, true twin shape, available in flat or camber.

Available in the following sizes:

Signal Park - 146