Endeavor Archetype

In 2011, Endeavor Snowboards built a prototyping facility in Vancouver called Archetype. This lab was created to build snowboards that would enhance the riding experience. The Archetype Series is Endeavor’s lightest and is the preferred board on a pow day.


This is anything but your average snowboard glass. Pulled tight under tension, pressed with heat and infused with the perfect resin to glass ratio, this carbon reinforced laminate completely replaces the heavy plastic top sheet of the board. This shaves 1/2 pound of weight and makes the board one of the most responsive and poppy flexes ever ridden. Camber under foot and reverse camber rise out to the nose contact points, this is a directional version of our successful Multi-Camber. Designed to create maximumlift in the nose while having tons of pop and reponsiveness for getting through tight tree lines. With a slightly longer nose than the tail, directional boards are designed for all mountain riding and to float in soft snow. Adding a slight taper sinks the tail and raises the nose for effortless float in deep snow conditions, but also makes exiting turns easier on groomed runs.

Flex: 5/10

Board Size156159
Effective Edge 1108 1138
Tip Length 24 24
Tail Length 22 22
Waist Width 25.3 25.4
Sidecut Radius 7.7m 7.8m
Tip Height 5.3 5.3
Tail Height 5 5
Camber .5 .5
Stance Range 22″-24.5″ 22″-24.5″
Stance Setback 2 2

Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor Archetype - 156