Signal Omni

This hybrid can take you from the park to the powder. It combines camber between your feet with Rocker on the tip and tail. This year’s Omni graphic is taken straight from the factory floor - this is a photo of our silkscreen inks mixing table. Ride the Wavelength!


2012-2013 Signal Omni Men’s Snowboard key features:

Wavelength Technology - Rocker and Camber blended together. There is camber between your feet with five degree Rocker from your feet towards the tip and tail. Rocker keeps your nose up in powder while camber provides edge control when you carve. The transition point provides an additional contact point that engages even before the effective edge. Less surface area on the snow equals a faster board!

Twin / Directional Profile - It’s directional in the sense that the nose is longer than the tail. It's twin in the sense that the tip and tail widths are identical.

Carbon Torsion Bars - Torsional strength is how strong your board is from side to side as it twists. Carbon torsion bars can be added diagonally to add torsional strength.

Sintered Base - Sintered base material is lighter, denser and harder. It has smaller pores and needs to be maintained often so that wax can reach the pores deeper into the board.

PROFILE: Directional Twin
BASE: Durasurf Sintered
CORE: Standard profile with poplar wood
STANCE: 1cm set back

Available in the following sizes:

Signal Omni - 153