Endeavor Live binding


The Live binding is the creme de la creme. The most adjustable binding in the range, it offers the most customization to get that expert fit. Adding the aluminum sideplate this year stiffens the binding up, giving you more support than ever. Asymmetrical high backs give you maximum tweaking.

  • 30% Blend - 30% Fiberglass to Nylon blend is used to get the optimal strength and flexibility.
  • Aluminum - Aluminum side plate and heel cup stiffens the binding flex, giving the rider more support when charging down the mountain.
  • Asymmetrical highback
  • Easy release ratchet
  • Adjustable heelcup
  • Screen printed graphics on EVA toe and heel pedals
  • SMALL/MEDIUM - US 6-10.5
  • LARGE/XLARGE - US 11-14
    Endeavor Live binding