Goodboards Wooden

If you like riding hard and fast all over the mountain then the Good Wooden is the board of your dreams. Traditional camber profile gives you all the grip you need for high speed turning on every type of snow. The Directional shape gives it stability in chopped up snow while giving you the extra nose to float in fresh snow. If you decide to take it into the park then its stiffness means you can be confident of it holding big landings and not washing out on take-offs. With a wider than normal width, its great for riders with big feet who are looking for a fast all-mountain stick.

 159cm MW
162cm W
163cm XW
167cm XXW
Waist Width (mm) 255 260 267 285
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7800 8000 8200 9100
Setback (mm) 10 10 10 10
Flex 6/10 6/10 6/10 6/10
Rider Weight (kg) 60-90 60-90 80-100 80-110

MW is medium wide, XW is extra wide

Available in the following sizes:

Goodboards Wooden - 162