Burton Yeasayer

From unexplored pistes to your favorite parks, the Burton Yeasayer slays anything that stands in your way. The board’s Flat Top profile surfs through softer snow while keeping things stable underfoot, and a true twin design keeps you in the driving seat no matter which way you point it goofy or regular. A laundry list of features all work together to ensure that the ride is as friendly as it is fun. Energetic FSC™ Certified core lets you know your board isn't having an adverse effect on the environment. Scoop tip and tail  turns up the edges for a looser, more forgiving feel that adds catch-free fun when riding everything from a knee-high box to neck-deep pow. Frost Bite edges protrude slightly under the bindings to add an extra bit of grip when you need it on those hard pack piste days.


Board Size140144148152
Weight Range 80-120 lbs. / 36-54 kg 100-150 lbs. / 45-68 kg 120-180 lbs. / 54-82 kg 150-200 lbs.+ / 68-91 kg+
Running Length 1020mm 1050mm 1090mm 1130mm
Waist Width 240mm 242mm 244mm 247mm
Sidecut Depth 19.6mm 20.2mm 21.0mm 21.8mm
Sidecut Radius 6.6m 6.8m 7.1m 7.4m
Stance Width 480mm 505mm 530mm 530mm
Nose Width 279.3mm 282.4mm 286.0mm 290.5mm
Tail Width 279.3mm 282.4mm 286.0mm 290.5mm
Effective Edge 1060mm 1090mm 1130mm 1170mm
Stance Location 0 0 0 0
Binding Sizes M/L M/L L L

Available in the following sizes:

Burton Yeasayer - 140