Option Bella

The Option Bella is the pinnacle of ladies freeride snowboards. After 5 seasons of riding, the Bella continues to inspire and push women to new levels and progress their abilities further. Designed around the idea that womens specific boards can be better than mens, the Bella uses a list of materials that are usually only found on high end mens freeride snowboards. The Bella destroys any and all terrain put in front of her, with the style and grace of a songbird in flight.

All Mountain Profile

Option’s All Mountain profile provides a great ride and feel for all types of terrain.

Select LT Core

By targeting the lightest wood core lamination's this weight-selected, tip to tail wood core is engineered for an optimised strength to weight ratio. Uni-directional grain orientation ensures direct energy transmission for the experienced rider searching response and pop.

Carbon Tech. Laminate

The same controlled composition as Carbon Tech II. This laminate boasts a healthy dose of Carbon Fiber and offers a forgiving yet powerful ride without compromising strength or durability.

Stone Ground Sintered 7200 Base

The highest molecular weight Polyethylene available is used in this durable, high wax absorption base for a high performance glide in all snow conditions.

Hardwood Power Rail

Sandwiched between the core and sidewall, this hardwood stringer provides increased impact resistance as well as improved edge hold and progressive flex.

ABS Sidewall

Same premium grade ABS material as more expensive Option freestyle boards but in a traditional all-mountain profile.

Corrosion resistant steel edge

Factory Tuned

Ready to ride

Size (cm)142145148152155
Length 1425 1448 1482 1520 1554
Running length 1035 1035 1085 1120 1150
Effective edge 1080 1100 1130 1165 1195
Nose width 272 276 279 282 286
Waist width 232 235 237 239 242
Tail width 270 274 277 281 284
Sidecut radius 7100 7300 7500 7700 7900
Stance width 468 468 468 493 493
Setback 10 10 10 10 10
Riders weight 41-64 45-68 55-77 59-82 64-86

Available in the following sizes:

Option Bella - 152