Endeavor Diamond

The Diamond is seriously a girl’s best friend. You don’t need any other deck if you have this one.

The All Terrain Freestyle 3D Camber (the contact points are bent up) is the ultimate 3D base on the market. The 3D areas at the contact points eliminates edge hook and creates a much looser, fun ride while being aggressive when you need it. Fully loaded with E-Tech IV Construction, the Diamond comes equipped with award winning Seamless Sidewall Technology, a fast Sintered base, Carbon for pop, Kevlar for strength, and a Poplar/Paulonia light-weight wood core. 

This board is waiting to be unleashed on park jumps, backcountry booters, freestyle or all mountain. The Diamond doesn’t discriminate, it destroys.

BOARD SIZE  143cm  146cm  1469m  152cm  154cm
Contact Length  1050mm  1078mm  1105mm  1130mm  1148mm
Effecive Edge  1081mm  1107mm  1136mm  1164mm  1184mm
Waist Width  242mm  246mm  247mm  248mm  249mm
Sidecut Radius  7.20m  7.30m  7.30m  7.40m  7.45m
Camber  5.0mm  5.0mm  5.0mm  5.0mm  5.0mm
Suggested Weight  32-45kg 36-50kg 41-54kg 45-59kg 50-64kg

Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor Diamond - 143