Endeavor Nomad

Need a deck to handle the whole mountain, with a slight focus on some park and hit laps? You need the Nomad! 

The Nomad boasts an All Terrain Park Flat-to-Raised Contact camber profile coupled with E-Tech Construction, which features the award winning Seamless Sidewall Technology and full Poplar wood core.

BOARD SIZE  141cm  144cm  147cm  150cm  152cm
Contact Length  1026mm  1054mm  1082mm  1110mm  1130mm
Effecive Edge  1037mm  1061mm  1089mm  1118mm  1136mm
Waist Width  242mm  246mm  249mm  252mm  254mm
Sidecut Radius  7.55m  7.65m  7.75m  7.85m  7.95m
Camber  0.0mm  0.0mm  0.0mm  0.0mm  0.0mm
Suggested Weight  32-45kg 36-50kg 41-54kg 45-59kg 50-64kg

Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor Nomad  - 141