Option Vega

An affordable beginners board designed for the lighter frame of a women rider. Soft biaxial glass, a mellow side cut and an easy to maintain base make the Option Vega perfect for girls looking for a board they can learn on and ride confidently as they progress.

You've got to start somewhere

The Vega is designed for the rider who wants to learn to ride any terrain in all conditions, with little resistance.The Vega helps riders learn to link turns easily with its mellow sidecut and soft flex pattern providing a great all-mountain ride.

Its construction allows the board to perform with the rider until they are ripping the whole mountain like an expert.


  • BiaxTech Laminate

  • Extruded 4400 Base

  • Formula2 Core

  • ABS Sidewall

  • Factory All Mountain Tuned


Size (cm)138142147
Length 1380 1420 1470
Running length 984 1020 1066
Effective edge 1032 1068 1114
Nose width 270 275 279
Waist width 234 237 240
Tail width 270 275 279
Sidecut radius 7000 7234 7646
Stance width 375 395 415
Setback 10 10 10
Riders weight 32-55 36-59 41-64

Available in the following sizes:

Option Vega - 138