Option Paloma

The Option Paloma snowboard is a favourite for advanced female riders who want to expand their territory to include the entire mountain without sacrificing style. The women’s version of the Redline, the Paloma Snowboard’s flex and sidecut give female riders the pop and response they need to stick sick lines all day long.

Formula Wood Core

 A tip to tail blend of lightweight, durable wood laminations. This core has proven to be strong, reliable, durable and provides a perfect ride for all abilities

Carbon Triax Laminate

Options’s premium engineered light weight Triax Laminate. This laminate incorporates a multi-layered, multi-axis fiberglass which is stitched together resulting in a straight fiber laminate. Incorporated with this are dual Carbon Fiber beams which work with the fiberglass, creating prolonged and unequalled longitudinal snap and liveliness

Sintered 2000 Base

Sintered Polyethylene for increased molecular density, resulting in improved wax absorption, glide and durability

ABS Sidewall

A premium-grade plastic material selected for its high impact resistance. ABS is a proven material that has helped to build the reputation of durability found in all Option Snowboards


Size (cm)143147153
Length 1433 1470 1531
Running length 1045 1080 1135
Effective edge 1087 1122 1177
Nose width 275 278 283
Waist width 235 237 240
Tail width 274 277 282
Sidecut radius 7200 7500 7800
Stance width 435 435 435
Setback 10 10 10
Riders weight 36-59 45-68 55-77

Available in the following sizes:

Option Paloma - 143