Endeavor Boyfriend

You don’t need a quiver of boards when you have a Boyfriend. This deck does absolutely everything and spoils you rotten. Why?

The All Terrain Camber-to-Raised-Contacts (camber between the bindings, reverse camber out to the contact points) gives you the best of both worlds. The E-Tech II Construction gives you speed from theSintered base and pop from the Carbon beams while remaining loose and fun. Also standard is the award winning Seamless Sidewall Technology and full Poplar wood core. 

This women’s specific twin is a no nonsense, take no prisoners park dominator. The deep side cut makes it maneuverable. The low profile tips and soft flex make it forgiving. The smooth blend zones and moustache style camber profile combined with carbon makes it pop.

Board Size 142 145 148 151
Effective Edge 106.4cm 109cm 111.6cm 114.2cm
Tip Length 19.2cm 19.6cm 20.1cm 20.1cm
Tail Length 19.2cm 19.6cm 20.1cm 20.1cm
Waist Width 238mm 239mm 240mm 241mm
Sidecut Radius 7.2m 7.3m 7.4m 7.4m
Tip Height 43mm 43mm 45mm 45mm
Tail Height 43mm 43mm 45mm 45mm
Camber 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm
Stance Range 17"-21.75" 17"-21.75" 19.75"-24.5" 19.75"-24.5"
Stance Setback 0mm 0mm 0mm 0mm

Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor Boyfriend - 142