Burton Feelgood Flying V

Take control of the entire mountain with Burton’s lightest weight and most proficient women's board ever. Carbon Highlights are the biggest bonus, shaving serious weight while making the board more playful and lively from tip to tail. New Squeezebox High core profiling also utilizes carbon to reduce weight further, and makes the board more poppy and precise for Ferarri-like handing. Directional shaping navigates easily through variable conditions. It's a perfect match for aspiring pros or just riders who thrive on a little friendly competition.

Flying V is a blend of camber and rocker. Rocker between and outside your feet enhancing playfulness and float. Subtle camber zones underfoot focus edge-control for crisp snap, added pop, and powerful turns. This is a directionally shaped board with twin flex meaning the board bends the same way at the nose and tail but the shape is different from one end to the other. The Feelgood has a medium stiffness which means more responsiveness and control than softer boards but easier to bend and not as unforgiving as stiffer ones.


BOARD SIZE  140cm  144cm  149cm  152cm
RUNNING LENGTH  1010mm  1050mm  1095mm  1125mm
WAIST WIDTH  236mm  240mm  241mm  243mm
SIDECUT DEPTH  18.8mm  19.6mm  20.4mm  21.0mm
SIDECUT RADIUS  6.8m  7.1m  7.4m  7.6m
STANCE WIDTH  480mm  505mm  530mm  530mm
NOSE WIDTH  273.6mm  279.1mm  281.8mm  284.9mm
TAIL WIDTH  273.6mm  279.1mm  281.8mm  284.9mm
EFFECTIVE EDGE  1052.5mm  1092.5mm  1137.5mm  1170mm
STANCE LOCATION -12.5mm -12.5mm -12.5mm -12.5mm
WEIGHT RANGE 90-120 lbs. / 41-54 kg.  100-130 lbs. / 45-59 kg.  120-155 lbs. / 54-70 kg.  125-165 lbs. / 57-75 kg.

Available in the following sizes:

Burton Feelgood Flying V - 140