Signal Vita Wavelength

The VITA SERIES has a board for every female rider.
You can choose between the VITA PARK, VITA ROCKER or the VITA WAVELENGTH. These boards are built with the same high-end ingredients as their series counterparts, but these boards have geometry scaled to better fit a female rider.
This year’s graphic spans all three VITAs with a downpour of color—but don’t worry. You’re safe under the Signal umbrella.


Magnum ABS sidewalls
Sintered bases on all models
“Standard Profile”
Iso-Sub 4160 top material provides a softer torsion flex
The alternating grain structure of the Poplar core provides maximum strength and maximum pop
Five degree Rocker from your feet out to the tip and tail
Rocker keeps your nose up in powder while the camber provides edge control while you carve
The transition point provides an additional contact point that engages even before the edge
Less surface area on the snow equals a faster board!
Directional and a twin board. It’s directional in the sense that the nose is longer than the tail. Twin in the sense that the tip and tail widths are identical
Triaxial glass on the top of the core and biaxial glass on the bottom of the core for pop and strength

Available in the following sizes:

Signal Vita Wavelength - 143