Signal Park Flat

These boards are a favorite year after year because they
have a soft flex, are durable and can handle anything you get yourself into. From camber to flat, wide waist to narrow, there is a PARK board here for everyone. Inspired from ETT, this year’s graphic has cassette tape under the topsheet
—like the Boombox episode!


Built for today’s terrain parks and city streets— Built to take a beating
Magnum ABS sidewalls
Sintered bases on all models
“Park Profile” core, which is thinner on the nose and tail but has a standard thickness between your feet
The alternating grain structure of the Poplar core provides maximum strength and maximum pop
Lightweight triaxial glass on the top and bottom of the core gives the Park a soft but more controlled flex
Nylon 8210 top material provides a softer torsional flex
Carbon stringers from tip to tail for added pop and strength

Available in the following sizes:

Signal Park Flat - 134