Endeavor Diamond

They say Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; one thing is for sure the Endeavor Diamond is no rock and you won’t have to put aside a month’s wage packet to pay for this snowboard. Since the Diamond was added into the line five years ago, it has gained the reputation of being the nicest all round freestyle / freeride deck. It is always one of the first boards to go out to shop employees who love the graphics and a board that reps their style. 

Directional Shape

This is your classic shape for all mountain riding. This board has a longer nose to help you ride in any condition

Wood Core With Stitched ABS Sidewalls

Exclusive to Endeavor’s factory, the ABS sidewall is sewn on to the full Poplar wood core. The split sidewall construction is a signature aesthetic feature to Endeavor


Time, tested and true performance, these boards come with convex rise from its contact points. A rider’s edge holds and pop derives from the pressure exerted and expelled when camber is flexed under a rider’s weight


Sintered 7500 Base

The fastest base with high wax absorption and clear sublimated graphics


  • Directional Freestyle Shape

  • Medium Flex Rating = 6/10

  • Aggressive sidecut for quick turns

  • 5 Tip-To-Tail Carbon Stringers for “POP”

  • Stance centered on contact points

  • Poplar Tip-To-Tail Wood Core

  • Riding Style: All Mountain

Size (cm)138142146152
Length 1380 1420 1470 1520
Running length 984 1020 1066 1114
Effective edge 1032 1068 1114 1164
Waist width 234 237 240 243
Sidecut radius 7000 7234 7646 8200
Stance width 455 475 495 505

Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor Diamond  - 138