Endeavor Shorty

Completely redesigned for 2013, the Shorty is the perfect board for kids and smaller riders. It features a full perimeter beveled base, which is designed to make it more difficult to catch an edge while turning or learning in the park. The biax glass fibers, mellow torsional flex and zero camber are all created to make this board as forgiving as possible while giving the rider all the tools they need to advance their level of riding.

The Convex Twin Shape of the Shorty is ideal for young riders likely to catch an edge, the convex base geometry raises the steel edge around the entire perimeter of the board for a catch-free ride. It is also ideal for groms wanting to learn to ride fun boxes and rails. A symmetrical shape that will help balance when riding regular or switch. Whether riding all mountain or park, a twin board will always perform well in all conditions.

Flex: 4/10

Board Size100110120130
Effective Edge 68 76.8 85.2 93.7
Tip Length 16 16.6 17.4 18.2
Tail Length 16 16.6 17.4 18.2
Waist Width 22 22 22.4 23
Sidecut Radius 4.5m 4.8m 5.5m 6.2m
Tip Height 36 36 38 40
Tail Height 36 36 38 40
Camber 0 0 0 0
Stance Setback 0 0 0 0

Available in the following sizes:

Endeavor Shorty - 100