Movement Fly 115

The Fly range from Movement is designed for those that want to go big! The Fly 115 is the mid width in the Fly range although they can still rip a carve on the piste  they are mainly focsued on getting the most out of the soft fresh snow away from the runs. The rockered tips and tails allow the Fly to float over new snow like a boat through the water and if you're into freestyle they butter like a treat and stop you catching edges on squiffy landings. The camber under foot is where the ski gets its grip and rebound to stop the ski having too loose a feel. Carbon fibers and rubber inserts help stop vibrations that can turn to going fast into a flappy nightmare. Drop cliffs, charge lines and go big with the Fly 115!

Ski Length (cm) 178 185
Tip Width (mm) 138 138
Waist Width (mm) 115 115
Tail Width (mm) 133 133
Sidecut Radius (m) 18.0 19.0

Available in the following sizes:

Movement Fly 115 - 178