Majesty Vandal 2.0

Need a pair of all-rounders for everywhere on the mountain? There you go! Upgraded Vandal 2.0 gives you the feel of wood core, versatility, soft flex and enhanced carve abilities. They are wide, true twin tips with extra sidecut making turn initiation a piece of cake. Designed as two-di- mensional hybrid featuring camber construction with elliptical rocker at the tip and tail. While camber sup- ports edge-hold for hard pack, control of line, and cushions the impact of flat landings, the elliptical rocker improves the float in the soft stuff and allows for an effortless all-terrain ride even in deeper snow. Piste to pillow shredding has never been easier. Quick change from piste to park to powder? Vandal will make this transition nice and smooth.

Ski Length (cm) 170 175 180
Tip Width 130 130 130
Waist Width 92 92 92
Tail Width 130 130 130
Sidecut Radius 18.0m 19.0m 20.0m


Available in the following sizes:

Majesty Vandal 2.0 - 170