Storm Blast

The Storm Blast is a mid fat Freeride-focussed Twin Tip.

A very versatile and stable all mountain ski that offers you a great ride in all conditions. A great season worker’s ski for people who just want to have the one pair of skis to go anywhere at anytime in any conditions.

Solid Wood Cores

Made from Beech and Poplar form the basis for all our skis and offer you a very reliable, durable and long lasting product. These materials will not degrade over time like cheaper synthetic materials do. With its mid fat profile and solid flex the Blast offers you a great platform to progress and develop your technique in all mountain skiing.

Size (cm)Radius (m)Nose (mm)Waist (mm)Tail (mm)
175 19 133 98 123
185 21 133 98 125

Available in the following sizes:

Storm Blast - 175