Movement Scoop

Where ever you want to go the Scoop can take you! The Rocker and width under foot is awesome in the powder whether your carving freshies or landing tricks of a kicker. They may not be ideal for racing down icy hard pack but they boost through difficult cruddy snow like a hot knife through butter.

Early Rise Rocker

Movement have blended rocker and camber with their Early Rise Rocker to produce a versatile profile for the whole mountain. The Camber section gives the ski grip and stability on piste and harder snow, while the rockered tip of the ski gives it float in the soft stuff so you don't have to change your skis with the weather.

  • Early Rise Rocker Profile
  • Tri - Axial Fiberglass
  • Poplar Composite Wood Core
  • Sintered 4000 Base
  • Twin Tip Shape
Size (cm)Radius (m)Nose (mm)Waist (mm)Tail (mm)
172 20 132 102 122
180 21 132 102 122

Available in the following sizes:

Movement Scoop  - 172