Movement El Loco

This ski was designed purely with freestyle in mind. With a medium-sized geometry, the El Loco is perfect for committed freestylers who like to throw down in the park. Movement have design this ski to be robust enough to take everything you can throw at and it and then some.

Twin Tip Shape

Twin Tip, unlike most skis, are symmetrical in shape and flex from the centre of the ski. For most skis the binding is designed to be about 2/3 back along length at the point where the sidecut is thinest and the camber its highest. Twin Tip skis position the binding in the centre of ski giving the skier more ski behind them making it easier to recover if they find themselves in the back seat. The tails of the ski are also turned up like the tips making it easier to ski switch (backwards).

  • Camber Profile
  • Tri - Axial Fiberglass
  • Composite Poplar Wood Core
  • Sintered 2000 Base
  • ALU Shock Absorbers
  • MCS & ASA Sidewalls
Size (cm)Radius (m)Nose (mm)Waist (mm)Tail (mm)
163 17 114 84 105
170 18 114 84 105
177 19 115 84 106

Available in the following sizes:

Movement El Loco - 155