Movement Goliath

The GOLIATH was designed for experts and pros. It is very stable and solid at speed. Its firm, progressive tip and tail have a damp feel with excellent shock absorption. It is particularly at home on steep slopes and in deep conditions. These are potentially the best back country skis we have ever ridden. FACT!

CTS Sandwich Technology

The CTS (Control Torsion System), especially developed by Movement Skis, is an application in our sandwich construction skis with the characteristic to offer a perfect control of the blocking of the torsion. On each side of the ski, there is an additional angle to the fibreglass. The required effect of blocking is reached at 100% when the end of ABS (sidewall) joins the head and tail edge of the ski (cap finish). The blocking of torsion varies on each model and desired program.

PowerRail System

Equipped with 2 strips of Hard wood (Beech) placed along the line of the ski generating more precision and power when leaning from edge to edge.

Size (cm)Radius (m)Nose (mm)Waist (mm)Tail (mm)
191 30 135 108 124

Available in the following sizes:

Movement Goliath - 191