Elan Snow Light Shift

Parabolic rocker, an exclusive technology, facilitates rapid progression and creates confidence, while DynaFlex Technology offers dynamic support at the end of the turn where it’s needed most. With low angle carving performance, easy turn initiation, and stability, skiers on Snow can push their limits and conquer any mountain. Snow can easily transform a beginner into a great skier. Lightskiing.

Ski Length (cm) 138 146 152 158
Tip Width (mm) 114 114 114 114
Waist Width (mm) 72 72 72 72
Tail Width (mm) 103 103 103 103
Sidecut Radius (m) 9.7 10.7 11.9 13.4

Available in the following sizes:

Elan Snow Light Shift - 138