K2 Luv Bug

This is a great learning ski for kids whether they are taking there first turns or trying new tricks. The elevated tip and tail assures effortless initiation at slow speeds, stability throughout the turn, and a predictable release from the turn.
Simply put, Catch-free Rocker provides confidence, control, and ease for developing skiers. They also have the Noodle Ski System a totally unique technology for the Groms series. The disadvantage in most junior skis is the stiffness of the overall ski due to minimum thickness required to retain binding screws. With the Noodle Tech binding system, the plate is actually fused to the ski, requiring no screws, so the thinner core provides a smooth-flexing ski. That means better comfort and control for a junior skier and, ultimately, more fun.

  • Twin Tip
  • Cap Construction
  • Torsion Box
  • Noodle Tech
  • Catchfree Rocker


SIZE (CM) 76 88 100 112 124 136 146
WIDTH (MM) 103-70-91  103-70-91  103-72-90  103-72-90  105-72-93  105-72-93  105-72-93 

Available in the following sizes:

K2 Luv Bug - 76