Head Supershape Team JR

When learning how to ski, what you need the most is a ski that allows mistakes, a forgiving ski that makes the whole process easier. You may have found the best teacher in the world, patient and helpful, if you have the wrong ski, you'll just spend a horrible day and you'll most likely throw the ski away and never try again. Well, kids are the same. They must feel it. If they don't feel confident they won't enjoy, and if they don't enjoy, it's a shame... 

The Supershape Team Lr has been designed with that in mind. It's easy, agile and forgiving, avoiding edge catches, and inspiring confidence. Super manoeuvrable, the ski does what you ask and never complains. Providing comfort and control, it is a great tool for learners. 

Available in the following sizes:

Head Supershape Team JR - 127