Great deals on Ski & Snowboard hire at Tignes Spirit Rentals



We've partnered with Tignes Spirit Rentals to offer a special 40% discount for our customers.


Package 12345678
Adult Bronze£15.00£27.00£40.00£50.00£63.00£75.00£75.00£85.00
Adult Silver£18.00£32.00£48.00£63.00£75.00£85.00£85.00£95.00
Adult Gold£23.00£40.00£58.00£75.00£85.00£95.00£95.00£105.00
Adult Platinum£27.00£50.00£70.00£85.00£98.00£110.00£110.00£120.00
Child Silver£10.00£20.00£30.00£40.00£48.00£55.00£55.00£60.00
Child Gold£15.00£23.00£33.00£45.00£52.00£60.00£60.00£65.00
Child Platinum£17.00£27.00£40.00£51.00£60.00£70.00£70.00£85.00

Rates include boot and ski/snowboard hire with a 40% discount.

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If you have any questions about the service or equipment before you book then please contact Tignes Spirit Rentals.